Alexandr Poreshin want to thank our assistants and friends, who did their best in helping me to organize this Home Page:

Alexeev Artem and Frolov Konstantin - for giving an opportunity to work in Internet, for helping in creating this page and for access providing for other users;
Krasotin George - for invaluable help in testing my computer and computer software and for pictures;
Makeeva Anna - for giving the information about the ensemble "VOYAGE";
Moiseev Andrey - for helping in preparing of pictures;
Chourkin Ilia - for recommendations and information about Internet servers;
Shishkina Ksjusha- for nice translating of this text (from RUS to ENG and back);
Krymskaya Anna - for translating of the "..About Dancing" (from Eng to Rus);
Kostin Yan- for pictures, helping and friendship!
Kuznetsov Kirill , Pogosjan Irina & Smolyakov Andrew- for helping in preparing of pictures;

Best Thanks for WebSites:
DanceSport UK
Banner Generator OnLine

And I also thanks all our visitors for recalls and recommendations...

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And I want to thank my dear wife Alla
for her great patience and understanding of the reason of my work!