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We invite boys and girls of 15 and older to the First Level Groups of the Club "ESTA-MEPhI". Training is carrying out 2-3 times weekly at the Culture Centre "Moskvorechje" (Kashirskoje avenue, 52, room 207, Moscow, Russia) according to the time-table:

Time-table of First-Level-Group 
Instructors - Alla  & Alexandr Poreshin
Tuesday  19.45 - 21.15    room 206        Latin 
Friday      19.45 - 21.15   room 212        Standart         
Saturday  19.00 - 21.30   room 210        All dances
We study Standart (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot) and Latin (Cha-cha, Jive, Rumba etc) dances, and also more than 20 social and historic dances (f.e. Salsa, Sirtaki, Kadril, Waltz-Gavotte, Merengue etc).
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